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Eoslift M20Z Galvanized Pallet Truck

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General Information
Model M20Z
Load Capacity lb. 4400
Lift Height in.4 7.5/7.8
Min. Height in.5 3.0/3.3
Outside Fork Spread in.6 21.3/27
Fork Length in.7 45.3/48
Overall Length in.8 56.3/60.2
Steering Wheel in. Φ7.1×2
Load Roller in. Φ2.9×3.7
Turning Radius in.11 49.2


  • Advanced plating technology and processes can improve the corrosion resistance of the surface.
  • Can be used in low-corrosive environment, refrigerator area and clean circumstance.
  • Plating technology on the frame handle, wheel frame and pushing rod.
  • As the nylon wheel is more useful in a clean circumstance, so this type only can be equipped with nylon wheel.
  • Conforms to EN ISO3691-5:2009