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Eoslift I15DE Electric Scissor Lift Pallet Truck

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General Information
Model I15DE
Capacity lb. 3307
Service Weight lb. 328/346
Battery Voltage V/Ah 12/66
Charger Voltage Input&Output V 220-240/12
Qty for 1x20′ pcs 60/42
Fork Width in. 20.5/26.8
Fork length in. 43.3
Min./Max. Fork Height in. 3.3/31.5
Package Size 2pcs/plt in. 85.8x22.8x28/85.8x29.1x28


Product features

  • Electric pump for lifting, easier and more convenient.
  • Single-piston rod structure, high strength, more stable lifting.
  • When the forks lift up to 200mm.the fixator automatically takes effect to ensure the safety.
  • Integral type reinforced front frame can improve the stability and smoothness of the truck.
  • At least can use 30 times up and down continuously will full load, and the charging times is 4-6 hours.