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Standard Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables 2200 to 5500 Lbs. Capacity

Standard Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables 2200 to 5500 Lbs. Capacity

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The ELF stationary hydraulic scissor lift tables is compact in design and comply with EN165 safety standards. It provides effortless powerlifting, fast load elevation, and quiet operation.

Lift tables are used in manufacturing to raise and lower heavy loads to different heights. This allows for easier access to the items being worked on, as well as increased ergonomics for the workers performing the tasks. They also help to reduce the risk of injury by reducing the need for manual lifting and lowering of heavy items. Additionally, lift tables can be used to move materials from one production area to another, helping to improve efficiency and workflow in the manufacturing process.

Standard sizes and capacities ensure quicker lead times.

High-quality steel construction, hard chrome plated piston rods, easy operation and emergency off-switch.

1-year warranty parts only.

If you have a requirement for non-standard hydraulic scissor lift tables please let us know and we will quote.

These would include: 

  • Hydraulic Lift Tables

  • Pneumatic Lift Tables

  • Floor Height Lift Tables

  • Pallet Lift Tables

  • Portable Lift Tables

  • Compact Lift Tables

  • Turntable Lifts

  • Lift and Tilt Tables

  • High Rise Lift Tables

  • Tandem Lifts

  • Heavy-Duty Lifts and more

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