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GenieGrips Cushions 4" Wide

GenieGrips Cushions 4" Wide

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We are Canadian distributor of Geniegrip. We ship UPS anywhere in Canada.

GenieGrips Cushions function as a bumper that magnetizes to the forklift tine carriage.

  • These rubber bumpers absorb the impact of loads hitting the forklift tine backs during loading and transport, which reduces the likelihood of products and materials being dented or splintered
  • They also stop chipping and scratching of finished goods by preventing their direct contact with the bare metal surface of the fork backs
  • The bumpers are made from bright yellow compound rubber with powerful magnets on the back that attach to the metal tines and stay there
  • They are often used in conjunction with anti-slip fork covers or fork caps for more comprehensive forklift load protection

The GenieGrips Cushions eliminate friction and absorb the impact of goods that may occur during lifting, loading, and placing of loads. They are extremely easy to fit, with powerful magnets securing them on the forklift tine carriage.

GenieGrips Cushions are specifically designed to be paired with our GenieGrips® Mats, GenieGrips Caps or GenieGrips Stik-It Pads to provide full forklift tine protection!

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