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GenieGrips Caps

GenieGrips Caps

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Forklifts are ideal for efficiently moving goods throughout the warehouse or yard. However, significant safety issues can be posed by their use. Items may become pierced or damaged by unprotected metal forklift tynes, which can be particularly dangerous if moving chemicals or other dangerous substances. In addition, products and their packaging can be scratched or damaged by bare metal tynes, and even the tynes themselves can incur damage.

Rather than covering the entire tyne with our GenieGrips® Mats, these products function as a Cap that sits on the tip, preventing the tyne from causing harm to your merchandise during lifting. Easy to fit and remove, they provide an effective way of minimizing instances of damage to products, as well as to the forklift itself. Constructed from bright, high-visibility yellow compound rubber, our Caps are easy to see during the day or night, ensuring the safety of workers at all times. They also feature a reinforced steel frame for greater longevity.

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