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GenieGrips Stik-It Pads

GenieGrips Stik-It Pads

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GenieGrips Stik-It Pads are a self-adhesive solution for slip resistance, product protection and noise reduction. They are an ideal nonslip solution when your work environment requires a slim fork tine tip.

Use Step 1 and Step 2 of the GenieGrips® Measurement Template to confirm the size of your tyne.

  • The GenieGrips Stik-It Pad’s come with 8 units per carton
  • Tynes shorter than 1150mm need to cut Pads down to size
  • Tynes longer than 1150mm will need another Pad added to cover the full length of the tyne
  • Tynes 200mm wide, need two Pads used side by side
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