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Low Profile Scissor Cart w/ Auto-Shift

Low Profile Scissor Cart w/ Auto-Shift

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In areas of congestion a low profile scissor cart is a must. With a two speed foot pump, the platform is easily raised/lowered to the desired position. Not only is this design extremely efficient but also ergonomically friendly. With a raised steering handle the user can maintain a proper working posture during transit. The sleek steel design, with a powder coated finish for baked in added toughness, is simple to clean and limits needless scuffs or abrasions. Mold on rubber casters with brakes roll easily over a variety of surfaces.

  • Robust capacity is great for handling products both large and small
  • Included casters roll smoothly
  • High handle to minimize slouching during transportation
  • Single scissor design

Auto-Shift is a two-speed pump that automatically shifts between speeds based on the output pressure of the hydraulic system. Internal features of the pump include primary pressure relief and pressure compensated return-flow mechanisms, an integrated lowering valve, and an auto-shifting valve assembly. The pump also utilizes replaceable sleeve bearings, valve components, and seals to simplify maintenance requirements and maximize service life.

CART-200-LP-AS 17-3/4" x 27-1/2" deck size, 200 lbs cap. 3-1/2" low height, 23-5/8" raised height, 161 lbs unit weight.

CART-400-LP-AS 19-5/8" x 32-1/4" deck size, 400 lbs cap. 3-1/2" low height, 23-5/8" raised height, 312 lbs unit weight.

CART-900-LP-AS 23-5/8" x 35-1/2" deck size, 900 lbs cap. 3-1/2" low height, 23-5/8" raised height, 274 lbs unit weight.

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