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MOVEXX RR1000-S Electric Tugger

MOVEXX RR1000-S Electric Tugger

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Move your work easier with RR1000-S Movexx Electric Tugger
- Battery: Standard interchangeable Lithium LifePo4
- Pulling power: Up to 1000 KG
- Speed: Max. 6.5 Km/h
Unit is ideal for moving trolleys, industrial carts, roll containers, hospital beds, and other loads on wheels. 
Here are some key features and benefits:

- Electric-powered: The electric motor provides a reliable and efficient power source for moving loads.
- Compact and maneuverable: The compact design allows the tugger to move in tight spaces and around corners with ease.
- Maintenance-friendly: The RR1000-S-Inox model is made entirely of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain.
- Easy to use: The tugger is simple to operate, with intuitive controls that allow for precise movement.

- Reduces physical strain: The electric tugger eliminates the need for physical exertion, reducing the risk of injury and fatigue.
- Increases productivity: The MOVEXX RR1000-S Electric Tugger can move heavy loads quickly and efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.
- Sustainable: As a smart, electric-powered solution, the MOVEXX RR1000-S Electric Tugger is a sustainable alternative to traditional manual methods.
- Versatile: The tugger can be used in a variety of settings, from warehouses and factories to hospitals and airports.
- Safe: The precise controls and electric power source make the MOVEXX RR1000-S Electric Tugger a safe option for moving heavy loads.
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