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Move your work easier withTT1000-T
- Battery: Standard interchangeable Lithium LifePo4
- Pulling power: up to 1000 KG
- Speed: Max. 4,7 Km/h, freely programmable


The TT1000-T is now the optimal electric pulling aid, to relieve you and to increase your efficiency. There are a number of properties that make the TT1000-T so special.

The TT1000-T makes use of our characteristic exchangeable hook system, with which a hook for your trolley or cart can always be realized. As long as the wheel configuration of the trolley consists of 2 fixed wheels and 2 steering wheels, or 2 fixed wheels and 4 steering wheels, the TT1000-T is capable to move these, as long as the total load does not exceed 1000 kg.

The TT1000-T is standard supplied with a Lithium battery.

The TT1000-T is capable of moving carts and trolleys up to 1000 kg with ease.



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